Keto Diet Foods


It is easier to stick with a diet if you need support to lose weight!

Then you till now didn't apply any of low carbs diet?
The Keto diet is the best for people who like cheese with whole fat, chicken, meat, nuts, mayonnaise, etc...

In this article, I will show you how to apply keto; if you are reading about keto for the first time, you may be shocked that you have to replace the number of carbs with fats in the keto diet.

Then your carbs content is between 5% to 20%, the maximum carbs you can consume daily, then your body will enter ketosis when you start keto after one week or ten days.

What is Ketosis and what does it mean?

Ketosis is a process that happens when you have a small number of carbs consumed every day, so this will force your body to search for new energy sources instead of glucose; here, the body will start using the fats in your body to make energy.

Ketogenic diet meal plan

Then now, are you ready to switch to a ketogenic diet? It is not difficult as much as you can see it from there, you need to start, and then everything will be okay. You have to stop sugar sources and reduce carbs. It is worth giving it a try!

Food to be avoided 

As you know, carbohydrates will kick you out of Ketosis. Then if you are ready to start your ketogenic plan, you must avoid this food: 

- Bread and all beaker products, even cracker and doughnuts.
- Sweetened drinks such as soda, energy drinks, and all sugary drinks like juice, even if it is fresh.
- Surgery food like ice cream, candy, chocolate bars, creamy chocolate, honey, and coconut sugar.
- Pasta and noodles.
- All fruits except berries and strawberries.
- Vegetables with high carbs like potatoes and corn and so on.
- Dressing sauce with high carbs like ketchup, barbecue sauce, sugar salad dressing...

Drinking water as much as possible, if it is 3 liters per day, will be an excellent move to reach your goals earlier.
Also, sparking water is a good drink source while applying a ketogenic plan. Tea and coffee without sugar are also allowed.

One-week Keto menu 


- Breakfast: two eggs, mushroom slice, two slices of mozzarella cheese, and butter.
- Lunch: shredded chicken with any flavor you like, green pepper and mushroom, 1 TB of garlic sauce, lettuce for serving.
- Dinner: iceberg, green pepper, tuna, and 1 TB of mayonnaise.


- Breakfast: two eggs, spinach, and green pepper.
- Lunch: meat stake, crema as a top dressing, any allowed vegetables as boiled or salad.
- Dinner: mortadella with chees and mayonnaise.


- Breakfast: keto granola and yogurt.
- Lunch: burger meat topped with cheese. 
- Dinner: egg with a hot dog and some olives.


- Breakfast: grilled halloumi cheese with butter and some nuts.
- Lunch: chicken stake with cheese.
- Dinner: eggs with avocado.


- Breakfast: eggs with sausage.
- Lunch: Ceasar salad with chicken.
- Dinner: pepperoni with vegetables or cheese.


- Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with olive.
- Lunch: half grilled chicken with cabbage salad and mayonnaise.
- Dinner: shredded meat with cheesy broccoli.


- Breakfast: smoked turkey with cheese and mayonnaise.
- Lunch: crabs or salmon with avocado.
- Dinner: chicken curry.

You can see that a ketogenic diet has viral food nutrition, such as any other diet. Adding snacks to your ketogenic diet plan will make you moderate hunger. A ketogenic plan can give you the nutrition your body needs since it contains fat, is moderate in protein, and is low in carbs. You can add your fiber intake by eating low carbs and vegetables.

Then, after all this information, will you try a ketogenic diet? contact us if you have another diet to write about.

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