What is Hummus?

Hummus is a middle eastern dip. It is made of chickpeas grand, with some lemon, garlic, and tahini (sesame paste). Hummus contains 25 calories in 1 tbsp, which is good. It is a source of protein and carbs.

If you want to make hummus as a dip, you can serve it with pita chips, tortilla chips, or any of your favorite crackers. Some like to serve it with some olive oil or parsley. You can eat it with french fries or grand-cooked meat at the top. It also can be a table side plate with a shawarma meat meal, and it is very delicious.

For breakfast or lunch, you can also eat this magical dip with rice cake topped with cucumber. It is a great dip for veggies, so they can use it to dip cucumber, baby carrot, or any vegetables they like.

If this dip is new to your food plan, you can eat 2 spoons of it, and it is better to drink too much water after it since it contains a high fiber amount, so water can move this fiber.
Some people who are sensitive to beans may have gas or diarrhea after eating them, so please avoid it if you are sensitive to beans.

As hummus is a truly nutritious snack, you can eat it every day, but in a moderate way, it is better to be taken twice a week to avoid gas situations. It is healthy and good for vegans!

How to make your hummus dip?

Now some people prefer to buy grand hummus in cans. But the best thing is to bring dry chickpeas and make it yourself. 
You have to soak chickpeas in water for a whole night. Boil the chickpeas until it is done. After that, you should remove the water. Aside from if you want to freeze them use small zip bags or containers to save them in the freezer so you can take a small amount of hummus and make it whenever you want.

Hummus ingredients 

1. Chickpeas. Use the boiled chickpeas you already prepared or canned chickpeas if you want. This will give you the base of a creamy paste.
2. Tahini is made of sesame seeds, which will give hummus a great flavor.
3. Garlic can be a small clove that must be mashed.
4. Little salt and cumin will give a better taste.
5. Olive oil is optional on the top of your hummus dip.

You have to add all the ingredients one by one into the processor and mix them. Some people add yogurt instead of tahini to make fats lower. Then turn the processor for one minute and get your hummus dip.
After mixing, if you find it very thick just add some cold water to it, and it is done. Put it into the fridge for half an hour and enjoy eating it.

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